Easy Woodworking Gift Ideas For Dad

Easy Woodworking Gift Ideas for Father’s Day is out there. The old saying that you can’t get rich overnight is not as relevant today as it was in years past. Although the traditional method of acquiring wealth, such as a hard work at a job and investments, is still applicable, with the availability of new technologies and the internet, the whole concept of earning money in the short term is becoming obsolete. Easy Woodworking Gift Ideas for Father’s Day is one way to earn a few bucks during the month of June. Here are some easy crafts you can create for your dad that he will definitely enjoy:


Guitar pickups are an extremely useful woodworking craft that you can do for your dad. They make your day look really cool and they also make him a lot of money! All you have to do is choose a guitar pick which matches the style of your dad’s guitar and buy a cord from a hardware store or online. Wrap the cord around a couple of magazines and tie them off so that your dad can hang it from his guitar’s neck.

Easy Woodworking Gift Ideas For Dad

Easy Woodworking Gift Ideas For Dad

Easy Woodworking Gift Ideas for Father’s Day is also about cuff links. If you have enough time on your hands, you can actually make your own cuff links from scratch, making your gift something truly unique. To save time, you can just buy some plain silver cuff links and simply assemble them together using wire.


Another great woodworking idea for your dad is to make him a desk of some sort. He will certainly appreciate a desk where he can put down his tools and it will also serve as a wonderful place to store all his paperbacks and books. To make this easier for you, all you need is a dowel, some wood screws and some nails. Simply attach the dowel to the top of the desk, use the nails to screw it into place and then hammer in the wood screws to hold it in place. Dad will be so happy with his new desk that he will probably never use any other woodworking plan ever again!


Perhaps the easiest of all the easy Woodworking Gift Ideas for Dad ideas is to create a tree house. All you will need is a few pieces of pvc pipes and some electrical cable, a tree and a few tools. You can easily build a small log cabin for him by using the pvc pipes to create the roof and working with the electrical cable to run the lights in his new cabin. Your dad will love his new log house plans and you will have created one of the greatest gifts of all! The look of pride on his face will make him glad you gave him such a unique gift.


Easy Woodworking Gift Ideas for Dad is not hard to find. As long as you know where to look and what type of gift you are looking for, you will surely find what your dad is searching for. Take the time to search the internet for different easy plans that you can make for dad. If you do decide to give him a gift, make sure you give him something that will make his day! Whether it is a coffee mug or a set of plans, a new tool or a new tree house, make sure it is something that he will remember for a lifetime!


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