When you want to impress your guest at the next Christmas party, why not use a wooden customized gifts wrap with some Christmas tree garlands and bows. A garland is usually made of thin strings of foam and they can be adorned with beads and sparkles. This effect is great when you are trying to create a romantic atmosphere or you just want to give your guests something they can take home as a memento. These garlands look great as table centrepieces and you can use them again.

Another idea for an effect gift wrap is to use some pretty ribbon decorated with white lace. It can be quite expensive to buy these handmade effects so you might want to save them for something special this Christmas. When you use real wood or fake it makes the effect look even more authentic. You can also decorate the garland with bows and beads if you wish.

How to Create an Effectual Wood Effect Gift Wrap

How to Create an Effectual Wood Effect Gift Wrap

There are plenty of other ways in which you can give your guests something they will be able to use at your Christmas party. These include photo gifts. For this you need to take a picture of each guest in front of a computer. You then upload the pictures onto a website. You can ask them to email you back their results or you can print the photos out and hold them up on the wall. You can then use these effects as place settings on a PC or laptop.

You could also make effect gift wraps by using glitter glue and ribbons to fill in the gaps of a photo. You can use a variety of different colours, sizes and shapes of glitter for this effect. This is another way to add a personal touch to the gift that will impress your guest of honour and get you plenty of compliments as well as making your Christmas party that much more memorable.

You can also create effect gift wraps by using card stocks as your wrap material. The advantage of doing this is that it makes it very easy to create the effect you want, although if you don’t want to use stockings you can still achieve amazing results with them. Simply pick a card design, size and colour and you will be able to create the effect you want.

Wood effect wrapping paper is just one of the many different types of effect wrapping available on today’s market. If you are looking for something a little less plain then why not consider some glitter glue on gift cards. By adding a small amount of glitter onto the cardstock you can create stunning effects. You can also use this technique on address labels and on the envelopes that will ship your presents. The beauty of wood effect wrapping paper is that you can make it completely unique as it is all your own.


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