Have you ever made a craft gift that included custom wood gift craft reading socks? I make these as a family and they’re very popular gifts for the holidays. They can be fun to make too. I’ll show you how to make them. You might even end up making some use as gifts for your own children.

To make this kind of sock, all you have to do is gather your children’s sock sizes and pick a project. This year we’re making Christmas stockings so my three children will each make one or two. We all know that children like to put stuff in their socks. So I guess it makes sense to make them. The only thing you need to be careful about is to make sure the socks you make aren’t too big or too small.

Custom Woodgift Craft Reading Socks

Custom Woodgift Craft Reading Socks

If you want to make more than one of these custom wood gift craft socks, all you need to do is sew them together. It won’t take long before you have several pairs of socks in your sock drawer. They can be used for different projects throughout the year, such as potty training, bedwetting or even as Christmas stocking stuffers. They’re practical, affordable and look pretty in your home.

If you decide to give this kind of custom wood gift sock to your child as a Christmas gift, you should read a storybook about “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” My daughter’s favorite book is this one, so she should really enjoy it. Your children will love to see their name in the book. You can find it in your local library or online.

Now you’re ready to start your crafting project. Most kids will simply want to try out their new craft. However, you should tell them that the socks aren’t really meant to be worn for regular use. They should only be used as decoration or practice until they are older. Once they know that isn’t going to get them in trouble, they’ll be more likely to play with them and try them out. The more you tell them not to do it, the more fun they will have making their own craft.

There are plenty of ways to make your custom wood gift craft reading socks. All you need is imagination and creativity. You can choose from many different styles, colors and patterns to fit your child’s personality. This holiday season, give your child the opportunity to have a good time by customizing their own pair of socks!


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