Have you ever given thought to decorating your own custom wooden gift box labels? Perhaps you are in the process of putting together a scrapbook or just want to make some gift labels for yourself. Whatever your reason, you can get both practical and decorative with this easy technique. First, decide what you want to label and how you want it decorated. Wood comes in many different stains and colors, so it is easy to find one that matches your style.

Next, decide what type of wood you want to work with. Oak, pine, cherry and beech all work well. You can even paint them! Be sure you take into consideration how it will be used. If you are using it to decorate a scrapbook, then choose a lighter color stain and something that will not yellow easily. If you are creating a box to store craft supplies, then choose a dark stain so they do not show through.

Wood Gift Labels

Wood Gift Labels

Once you have chosen your wood, you need to decide what type of finish to use on it. Polished wood has more of a smooth feel to it, but it may scratch if you are not careful. If you are going with polished finish, then you should treat the wood like you would any other wood. Treating wood with an acid cleaner will help protect it.

If you are using a wood chip label, then wax paper will not work. Instead, use a small piece of aluminum foil and buff it until the chip is flecked with wax. This leaves a nice smooth finish. If you are using real wood, then treat the wood like you would any other wood. Apply a wood-specific sealant and let it sit overnight.

To complete the project, simply cut your wood outline with a saw that is at least one inch longer than your wood chips. Then use the hot glue gun to put the labels on. Glue the edges of the label to the wood. You can use either hot glue or cold glue depending on how you like your label.

You can find wood gift labels at craft stores like Michael’s or Pier 1 Imports. They will help you choose the perfect wood for your needs. There are many wood types to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about matching. They also offer many different styles to choose from, so it won’t be hard choosing which ones will look the best on your homemade labels. You can create really unique gift labels for your family and friends by creating them from scratch.


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