Looking for a cool custom wood gift unique to give that special someone? You can have some fun choosing a unique gift such as a wood carving carved wood platter, desk set or a desk clock unique to your loved one. Wood is one of the most popular materials used in home decorating today and it comes in many different colors, grains and types of wood. Here are a few ideas for wood gifts to consider:

A desk top platter would be a great gift for the man you love. It can be carved with his initials and then given to him as a present. This will be an interesting conversation piece and show your care and thought. There are many different sizes and styles of carved platters that are available so finding one that matches the style of your desk perfectly should not be a problem.

Unique Wood Gifts For Him

Unique Wood Gifts For Him

Wood carving desk is a beautiful antique piece that will increase in value over time. They are simple to find and may not even require that you go out and spend the money to purchase one. The piece is usually carved by hand and then presented as a unique antique desk. This is a wonderful gift for the man you know that loves to read but cannot always get to the library to take his time over a book.

Desk clocks are another unique wood item that is a great idea for the man you know that loves to be on time. These beautiful time pieces come in many styles, sizes and shapes. They are carved from wood and come with a beautiful wood finish that can be polished to have a mirror like appearance. This type of clock will make him feel more respected and appreciated.

If your loved one has a passion for wood this may be the perfect gift for him or her. A carving desk would mean that much more when it is engraved with his initials. Giving a wood carving vase with pebble designs on the side also makes him feel special. Inscribe your loved one’s initials in a beautiful wood marker and give this wonderful gift on his birthday, Christmas, or anniversary. This is an item that he will keep long after the present is gone and is sure to be a topic of conversation for many years to come.

Engraving machines can be found in many wood carving gift shops and will provide an opportunity for you to show your love of wood. An engraver works by pressing the wood down into letters that are engraved. This is a great skill to posses and it is a great idea for a gift to show someone that you have given this skill before. Take your time with the choices you have and you will be amazed at how unique some of these items can be.