If you have been to any of my Christmas or Birthday parties, you know I am a big fan of wood lighting. In fact, I have several, but one stands out in particular: the wood wall sconces with custom made wooden gifts plaques and antique lights as centerpieces. Let me tell you why these are my favorites.

They are not only beautiful, they are warm and inviting, and definitely help set the mood for any room in your home. When I was designing my new home, I made sure to include a few light fixtures that would be perfect. The first one was a wood wall sconce with an antique brass base and a beautiful cherry finish. The lovely light fixture added a dramatic flair to the foyer, making it the perfect touch for an elegant style or country home.

Give Your Home a Look of Luxury With a Wood Light Gift

Give Your Home a Look of Luxury With a Wood Light Gift

Another favorite of mine are wall sconces with old fashioned lights encased in pewter and brass finishes. These are perfect in the boys’ room or a nursery with an antique theme. You will love how they can add charm and personality to any room of your house. My son still has the scone that was displayed in our dining room and is so grateful for his present.

What about a coffee table with a beautiful hand-carved wood plaque? It would make an excellent accent piece in any living room. What about one in a walnut finish? Who wouldn’t want such a gorgeous wood in their home? A chandelier is a great choice too, if you want to add a touch of elegance and class.

There are some things you should know before purchasing your lighting or wall decor accessories. Make sure you purchase one that matches your existing wood colors. I prefer to use light or dark wood finishes so that the entire room is not dulled by bright contrasting pieces.

If you are on a tight budget, you can still create your own unique Christmas gifts. For less than $100, you can make your own Christmas tree ornaments out of leftovers. Then, find ornaments that coordinate with your current Christmas decor. Use this same decor to hang your new ornaments on the tree and give your home a little Christmas magic.

You can use the same idea to spruce up the look of a friend’s home. Let them know how much you appreciate their style. Let them choose one of your wood accessories and turn it into a unique piece of furniture. You can use the same plan to buy something for your husband or wife to enjoy when they visit you at your home this holiday season.

I like to put one or two wood lighting in my Christmas tree in case I have company over. Just imagine sitting around the house in a cozy winter’s night while you light up your tree. Your guests will be impressed by the effort you have gone to while decorating your home and they will be glad to come and spend time in your home. When you are done decorating, you will have created one very special gift.


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