The annual Craft and Wood Gathering, held in Portland, Oregon, is a great place to see what the industry has to offer. A family-friendly atmosphere, it attracts a broad range of visitors with varying skill levels. There are workshops, exhibits, displays, hands-on activities, and contests for top awards at this three day long event. Here are some of the best things to do at the expo.

Browse through the various offerings of the various manufacturers who attend the event. Gain valuable information about different styles of cabinets, tables, chairs, planters and other furnishings. Learn about the various woodworking techniques such as strip or mortise and tenon joinery, jointing and beveling, bevel cutters and a variety of hand tools. You will also find custom wood gift and craft ideas for beginners to choose from. Several expo booths feature projects that are built by amateurs just for fun. Join the fun by taking home one of the many homemade items displayed.

Gifting Crafts From The Gifted And Crafted Expo

Gifting Crafts From The Gifted And Crafted Expo

Come to the Craft and Wood Gathering with the love of woodworking in your heart. Attend the expo and be ready to meet people who can provide you with useful advice, including experts in the field. Look for an area where professionals gather; if you do not see anyone at the expo who interests you, head for the other craft shows being held nearby. You can get some great custom wood gift and craft ideas by visiting these other shows as well.

Attend one of the related shows if you have been invited to one of the two expos. Attend one of the workshops being offered on craft related topics. Look for a free demonstration by a master craftsman. If you know someone who has recently started woodworking as a hobby, talk to him or her about the expo. You might just inspire that person to get started with their own wood projects.

Go to one of the exhibits along with your family and friends. There will be plenty of opportunities to learn new techniques and to make and receive unique and creative gifts. Exhibitors display their merchandise in attractive and intriguing ways to get and keep the attention of their visitors. Check out the arts and crafts section to find something interesting to bring home to your loved one.

In addition to the shows, there is a large section devoted to children’s art and craft. Many of the exhibitors offer lessons in art for kids. Look for lessons on hand painting, scrapbooking, jewelry making and many other artistic hobbies. This is a great opportunity to learn about different types of art while buying gifts for your loved ones. Look for something you would like to give, but cannot buy just yet, such as a family heirloom that would make a great Christmas gift.


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