Roxycraft Tips & Tricks

1. Acrylic Yarn

Buy the cheap stuff. Red Heart, Caron, TLC, Bernat...the less fuzzy the better. I like Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart's Stitch Nation Washable Ewe by Debbie Stoller.

2.Tight Stitches

Don't try to make your stitches loose for ease of crocheting. Tighten those suckers up. Loose stitches make lumpy dolls.

3.Even Tension

Practice making your stitches tight and will be much happier with the finished product. You are making dolls, not don't worry about a soft fabric. Tight and even stitches...repeat.

4.Use Polyfil

Using the polyester filling might seem like you aren't trying for the highest quality but it has a resilience that really makes these dolls look great. Save the cotton and wool stuffing for a pillow.


Stuff that sucker until you can get anymore stuffing in there. To skimp is to have a lumpy doll who looks odd. In order for the shape to really pop, you need to stuff the ever loving poo out of the dolls. Buy the big bag of polyfil and stuff, stuff! STUFF!!!


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