Marble Magnets

Free Craft Tutorial

What You’ll Need:

Everything you need is at your local craft store

  • ¾ inch round magnets - you can get 50 for about $5.00-$7.00

  • glass accent marbles with one side flat look in the floral section

  • Silicone Sealer - about $3.00

  • Old magazines

  • Scissors

  • Optional - ¾ inch craft hole punch in the scrap-booking section


Step One:

Look for words and pictures in magazines and

make sure that the image fits under your glass marble. 

I use one as a reference as I thumb through.

Step Two:

When you find an image you like, use your hole punch

or scissors to cut the image out to fit the magnet.

Step Three:

Next, take your Silicone Sealer, using a drop the size of a pencil eraser or a little less; glue

your image to the magnet.

Step Four:

Put a drop of sealer, the same size as before, in the middle of the picture. Now the magic

happens. Take the marble and lower it onto the picture and press down gently…you suddenly

see the glue spread and…Voila!  Your image is clear as a bell.

Step Five:

Let it dry for about an hour before you put it on the fridge.  You don’t want it sliding off and

ruining everything!

What else you can make:

  • Glue a flat head push pin behind the image, let dry and you have a push pin!

  • Use your own pictures, that are small enough, and make a “Fridge Photo Album"


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