Milestones :: Lulu is Two Months

Today my baby girl hits a little milestone, I have officially kept her alive for two whole months.

She’s a great kid. Fabulous, even. Just like her older brother Jack, she is a “good” baby. I think that’s a weird term because how can a baby be “bad”, but yeah…

Things about Lulu at 2 months:

  • She love to chat. She will have a whole conversation with you completely with coos, grunts, goos & gagas, even some giggles!
  • She smiles easily and often.
  • She sleeps from around 10-10:30p to 7a. When I wake up, she’s usually just content and happy staring at the ceiling.
  • She hates bottle and binkies…unlike her older brother. I look forward to the day when she willingly takes a bottle at least!
  • Swaddling helps her fall asleep. She loves it and even smiles when we start to wrap her up.
  • She couldn’t make us happier if she tried!

I can’t believe it’s only been two month (cliche, I know), but really…it feels like she was born yesterday, but also like she’s always been here. Amazing how that happens with kids, once they’re here, it’s so permanent, that life without them seems impossible.

Can’t wait to see how she grows and progresses. Love you Lulu.