Food Follies :: Blended Iced Coffee Made with Coffee Ice Cubes

I’m still working on my Sweet-free challenge (day 3 today) and no Starbucks Fraps right now. I know they have options, but I don’t “want” them. I want a Coconut Mocha with caramel!

I have been brewing big pots of coffee in the mornings and I decided to freeze some of those coffee ice cubes that everyone is talking about on Pinterest and such. Why not?

Today, I decided to make use of them. It’s 100 degrees out and even though I am enjoying being inside in the A/C…I thought a cold drink was in order.

Everything was a complete experiment. I had no clue what I was doing.

:: Recipe ::

Ingredients: (enough for two)
1 tray of coffee ice cubes
8-10 oz of milk and cold coffee (I used all milk)

Combine and blend! Add more milk if you need.

Result :: a bit too milky for me. Next time I’ll save have the coffee in the fridge and swap half the milk for cold coffee.
If you like sugar…add away. Or use flavored coffee. (ick) I like black coffee so this is more up my alley.

All in all, not bad…but not watered down either, which makes it pretty awesome.