Last night I got to work and finished up packaging my inventory for the Fibertastic show on Saturday. I have a couple of things to sell that aren’t dolls, finally! Plus, I have some BIG ideas for future shows like Baz-Biz/Maker Faire (if I get accepted…hope hope). That will be in May…if I am.
For this show, the first totally new thing is a pattern kit!
Frog Kit
The debut kit is for this frog pattern that will be out in “Tiny Yarn Animals” in August. The yarn was made by the wonderful and amazing Holly of Misshawklet. If you have yet to discover her wonderfulness, you should. Her yarn has been described as Craft-gasmic…and it’s true! The kit also comes with a set of the ever-elusive doll eyes that I get so many questions about. Guys, they have them at Joann’s. If you don’t have a Joann’s near you, they are on ebay. *mmmm-wuah*
These kits make up some super cute frogs! I plan to make more kits available for the next show…you know, now that I know how kickass they really are!
The second thing that’s different is flower brooches. I started making these for my Trio II collection dolls and Amy told me she liked them…so, good listener that I am, I whipped up a couple for Fibertastic!
I also have a pair of earrings I made…but I only made one pair and I am not sure if I will ever make another. They are super cute and will probably only ever be available at this show because they hurt my hands to make. So, if you feel so inclined, you could own a piece of Roxycraft history! HAHA.
I also have a few surprises in store. So it’s worth a trip!
The inventory
So come on down to Fibertastic this weekend! You could meet some amazing artists, learn some stuff and walk away with some kickass fiber art!


I just finished this guy last night…he’s for the book, but I’ll temporarily be releasing his pattern in an upcoming collection.
He’s made from mohair and wool, handspun by Holly of Misshawklet. This is the second doll I’ve made from her yarn and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. A live journal friend used the word craftgasm to describe what it’s like to work with Holly’s yarn…perfect description. Please stop by her site and check out her goodies. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!