Stuff in my House :: Paint by Numbers

There are things I love to hunt for whilst I thrift…one of them is Paint by Numbers paintings. At this point I have acquired four of them. I only have two
framed right now.

Most of these were found at the Sacramento Antique Fair back when I lived in Folsom, CA.

Since moving back to LA, I haven’t gotten out to a flea market or even thrifted much.

I intend to start again after we move and acquiring stuff will actually be helpful…as of right now, our space is so small, nothing but baby stuff is allowed to come in. Ha!


Mothers Day + Antique Faire Love!

After a late night at Second Saturday Art Walk, we slept in this morning and headed out around noon to hit the monthly Sacramento Antique Faire with our pals the Guess' of Little Brown Box for an afternoon of treasure hunting.


We brought the wagon so the kids didn't have to walk the whole time…I was surprised at how long they lasted in that thing together. And Audrey loved it! So cute!

I totally scored! I got this awesome wall-mount phone for $15!!!! (don't tell anyone, but it doesn't work, but I don't care, we don't use the landline anymore anyway)

I also got this super cute fawn figurine for $2 and a super fun bracelet for $1!! I also got another figurine for a dollar, but I didn't like how the picture came out, so next time…

DSC035861 DSC035881

When we got home I relaxed while the hub attempted to grant my wish of a clean house, but we didn't quite get there. I think my laziness was catching! No, actually he did quite a bit of work…too bad it was all in the out of doors instead of cleaning inside of the house.

We detoured to give Jackson his summer haircut…free for us, trauma for him! Spot the tear…tragic.

DSC03603 DSC0366311 

Then I had the brilliant idea to go to Wally World and stock up on $5 cheesy chick flicks to watch this week while I crochet my butt off in prep time for Maker Faire…don't laugh!


And the picture that I think wraps up my feeling of how today went…


Billy = mounting my new phone
Jackson = Sitting on me making me nuts
Me = Laying on the couch, feet up, trying to relish "my" day.

Happy Mother's Day All! Hope it was great!

Thrifting :: Vases, Doilies and Jewelry…Oh, My!

We decided to sleep in today after a fun night hanging with friends…but we didn't want let the whole day be a wash out, so we decided to go thrifting! Cheap, fun and we got out of the house. All good good things.

So after lunch in the park, we headed over to Snowline Thrift here in Folsom. They had some awesome furniture on sale, but all I ended up with was this vase:


It's kind of 80's but I really liked the color and for the price…I couldn't say no. Don't my flowers look so pretty in it? My Lincoln and George Burns roses look so good against that blue vase!

Next we headed over to Sutter Street or Old Town Folsom…they have this great ice cream/candy shop…so it was a good excuse to head that way. I ended up at my favorite stop down there…the Merchantile Exchange and picked up some funky white jewelry:


and some really interesing doilies that I have super fun repurosing plans for:


Now we're home and I need to stick the meatloaf in the oven…

Etsy Love :: Vintage Phones

My new "hunt for" item is for my kitchen. I have a 50's house with an old school wall-mount for a phone. I have a crappy $5 phone there now and it haunts me with it ugliness and general lack of cuteness. Since we moved in, I have imagine a vintage wall-mount phone there.

On a recent trip to Universal Studios, I got to see the property room aka "The Prop Room"! I saw a shelf of every imaginable phone color. I always thought I wanted black, but now I want turquoise or yellow or ORANGE.


I am hunting on Etsy all the time to see if I can find one…I saw one today:


Don't you love it? It's yellow and adorable, but I don't know if it's a wall-mount or not. I contacted the seller to see.

The hunt continues…

Thrifting :: More Loot from the Folsom Antique Fair!

Remember how I told you about my new doily??? Here it is!! Lemon Yellow and looks amazing on my black table next to my aqua walls! Also covers the new big chip in the paint nicely, LOL.

I'm having ideas about framing some of these or starching this shizz out of one and hanging it on the wall. I guess it's true…doilies are back in a big way y'all.