It’s contest time again!!!

This weekend was my 30th birthday and I didn’t have time to make ANYTHING! OMG. So instead, I’ll give something away!
Here’s the skinny:
I love getting fresh ideas, so tell me the next kind of doll you’d like me to make and the suggestion that I pick will win my ENITRE PATTERN COLLECTION! Woot!
Entries must be recieved By Friday, May 30th and the winner will be announce next Tuesday, June 3rd!!
Sound good? Hooray!
The last time I had this contest this was born:
Pretty Platy
Can you top it?

And so you don’t think I just drank Sangria and didn’t work at all last week…here’s a peek at what’s coming out of my head for Pimp Stitch.

Bring on the suggestions!!!