Pattern Update :: Big Poke

This year, I’ll be updating some of my old patterns with new fancy PDF layout and cleaning up the older patterns and standardizing the formats…

The first of the old patterns to be updated is Big Poke! Fixed a few few minor things that I have changed in it since I’ve made it many times since writing the original pattern. The PDF is fancied up too. I listened to those worried about too much graphic and made it nice and clean with just some pops of color.

Big Poke Amigurumi Turtle


Lulu’s Rattles :: Amigurumi Rattle Pattern

New Pattern Collection!!!

As you may have known, I had a baby girl in June! He name is Lucy, but we call her Lulu. She is almost old enough now to hold a rattle and I made her three! Lulu’s Rattles Pattern Collection includes; Rainbow Cloud, Flower and Sunshine. You can get the patterns for all three for the low price of $5.00.