New toy for me!

So random. A clip of mine from Youtube got picked up to be in a BBC documentary! It's not about crafts or amigurumi or anything remotely close…it's about Swarms! In fact, it's called Swarms-Nature's Incredible Invasions. It's two part show that has already aired in the UK. I am told it will be on the Discovery channel here in the States soon. Weird right? Here's our original footage below. I think they used like 20 seconds of it and, though I haven't seen it, they probably took out the commentary. (clip has a curse word in it at the end NSFW)

So back to new toys…so we got paid for this. Not much but enough to buy a new toy for ourselves! Yesterday was President's Day and sales abounded and I picked up this awesome brand new point and shoot camera for $100 off online!


It's 1/2" thick, have a lcd touch screen and it's LIME GREEN! I'm in hog heaven. Much improved from our old Sony Cybershot which looks like a clunker next to this one. But that old camera lasted us for 4 years! So we can't really complain. Plus, we used that old clunker to film the clip that got us this new baby! Oh did I mention the new camera take HD video? Maybe I'll take more footage and end up in a new documentary in a few years when it's time to upgrade again. LOL!

/brag fest.

Let’s break up the monotony and go to Apple Hill!!!

So I am trying to help y'all learn to crochet…I hope you are enjoying the directions…especially you Lefties out there!

But I am tired of crocheting in front of my camera, I want to look at something other than my own hands on my blog…so how about I take you to Apple Hill!

We went on the weekend when my mom was in town…it was the first Fall-ish day of the year. Jackson got his arm/face painted at our first stop. He got Spiderman on his arm and webs on his face. Total cute-osity.


IMG_4844  There was a petting zoo there too. Goats, pigs and chickens at this particular farm. The goats totally freaked me out. They have rectangular irises in thier eyes. Scary.

IMG_4874But the pigs were cute and I have no freakiness about pigs. Jackson liked the pigs too because they actually came to him when he held out the hay…unlike the stuck up goats with thier weird eyes. 

I really wish I could remember the name of this farm, because I would go back next year…Apple Hill is so big I have trouble finding farms I've been to before!

We also went to Abel's Acres and Jackson sized up some pumpkins for us…



But this toad scared the ever loving poo out of him! I guess it is pretty freaky. We finally coaxed him into touching the thing's eyeball a couple of times. Ewe.


Abel's had a fun selection of stuff. I am finally baking up the pie I bought there today…I hope it's as delicious as it looks. I already tried the apple butter from there and it was very good. Nice and dark with a thicker texture…yum.

We also got Apple Pumpkin bread, Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge, Honey and Apples of course!


If you live in Northern California or will be visiting there in the fall…Apple Hill is a must visit!

Sale Extended!!!

The sale has been so popular that I have decided to extend it until September 1st! So from now until 9/1/2008 you can purchased my entire pattern collection (now including Big Blue) for almost 75% off the list price. $22.00 for the whole whazoo! That’s a savins of more than 60 dollars!

So don’t miss out!


I have been working hard enough this week to pump out TWO new doll designs. Yeah, I know, I’m wicked awesome.
But seriously, these will be included in a new pattern collection on June 1st that will include; chippy chip, hoot hoot, squeak squeak and purr purr…plus I am HOPING to add one or two more to create the next “Amigurumi Animals Collection”. Won’t that be nice? I think so. So if you already have chippy and hoot…you can snatch these up now so you won’t have to buy then entire new collection to get them!
If you haven’t checked out Pimp Stitch yet, you should. Mostly, check out the blog! We are working hard behind the scenes to get the site up and running with the coolest embroidery patterns around! 4 designers, 1 website…something for every taste. Bookmark and subscribe to the feed…please?