Craft Show Wrap Up :: Bazaar Bizaare at Maker Faire 2009

I was going to post about my experiences on each day, but covered the demo end and now I'll cover my experience vending at Bazaar Bizarre which was at Maker Faire.

Sorry I've been MIA since my last post. A bad cold had my energy sapped and my brain fried and I've had barely enough energy to watch movies much less type and think.

In short, my experience at Baz Biz this year was super awesome! The crowds were insane in a good way…I can only think that if you didn't do well as a vendor, you should look at yourself, because people were there and they were buying! Everyone around me seemed to be doing very well and it was so crowded most of each day that it was difficult to walk down our aisle.

I sold tons…above is a picture of my booth at the start of Day 1 and let me tell ya, it was stark by the end of Day 2…stark. I said goodbye to all my mushrooms, the Hippo and Rhino, Tough Love, Chilly, all my Flamies and Buties, the Yellow Bear, all my copies of Tiny Yarn Animals, most of the Booklets and Kits went too. The Flamies were very popular.

My neighbors were great too! To my left was Kelso Doesn't Dance who had the coolest wallets made from old maps and books. (very popular too) On my right was Petals and PineBlossoms who had some of the most well made bags I've seen at a craft fair…not to mention they had super cute owl and fawn motifs. (also extremely popular with customers) Behind my was Claire from Absolutely Small and she's always fun to be around. Billy and I fell in love with Roger the Pom-Pom dog and brought him home to live with us!

I also got around and did some shopping. We bought a card from Dutch Door Press, an apron from, some amazing prints and a  screen printed wood piece from Tiny Sparks Designs.

But Maker Faire was chock full of amazing designers! I wish I had a million dollars because I would have spent them all there!

Craft Show Wrap-Up :: Maker Faire CRAFT Lounge Amigurumi Demo

I'll be wrapping up my experience at Maker Faire 2009 in parts because soooo much happened. To start I'll tell you about the best part of my weekend! My Demo!!! 


At 2pm on Saturday, I had my demo "Making Successfull Amigurumi" at the CRAFT Lounge.


Here is my view from the demo table while I was setting up…the crowd was already building 15 minutes before! It was standing room only! I was so happy to see some familiar faces in the audience too…Some of my former sistas from the Sacramento Craft Mafia were there, Woody and Jessica Miller and even more that I could see, but found out later were there. Thanks everyone who made a special trip to come and see me!!!

That was probably the scariest hour of my life! But fun too! Everyone was so patient when we had some minor technical issues with the mic and all of the staff at CRAFT was amazing! It was great meeting Nat, Rachel and Becky!

I went over all the tips I've been covering in my new YouTube Video Series :: Amigurumi Lessons, so if you missed the show, you can watch my videos and get all caught up!

A lucky contestant in the raffle won the doll I used in the Demo! Super fun! I even got to meet the Crafty Chica herself at the end and she was probably the nicest person I've ever met! <3 Plus, she's a leftie like me!

There I am up front mid-demo! Can you see the sweat on my brow? LOL!


more on the Maker Faire to come…

Getting Ready for Maker Faire :: New Dolls

Last week I was crocheting non-stop and made some new dolls. You've already seen my mushrooms that will be on my table. These are the dolls I made after that. Some odlies but goodies and one totally new.


Here's a kitty from my Whodunit Mish Mash collection.


Here is a hot pink version of Big Blue.


And something totally new. Unnamed and I'm not sure if you guys want the pattern for him. (comment to vote). But I <3 him and he'll be brightening up my table at Maker Faire this weekend!

This week I plan to make peices for my Demo at the CRAFT Lounge on Saturday. If you're at the show, make sure you head over to see me at 2-2:30pm!

What I’m up to…

This has been a crazy week! I released "i <3 mushrooms 2.0" and I started my annual "May Sale".

I've crocheted 9 mushrooms, 1 fuschia Big Blue and a new dolls that looks like Big Butie, only with arms and a face, sorta. (sneaky peeky) Still not sure if I'm going to release this pattern…But I think it's super cute and I <3 stripes!


So I decided to snap a shot of the doll shelf in my office which is positively overflowing with dolls! (cept the sock monkey was not made by me).


Tomorrow is my birthday party (even though the 24th is my actual birthday) and I get a break from crocheting for a day. But next week I'll be crocheting up stuff for my Demo at Maker Faire!! So exciting and scary!

Everyone have a great holiday weekend!!!