Roxycraft Tutorial :: Knit a Wrist Pillow

Like I said earlier this week, I was in desperate need of a new wrist pillow (which in my case is actually more of an elbow pillow) to use while at my computer. I get the tendonitis, you know… So I knitted up a wrist pillow this week to help relieve my aches and pains.       

 Step One :: Knit it!
*Note-I realize my stripes are wonky…I had planed to make this a stuffie themed pillow but changed my mind. I'll give you the staight kntting pattern and leave out the stripes.

Size 8 (5.0mm) 16" circular needle
1 Skein Vanna's Choice Yarn
yarn needled for closing and weaving in ends

6 rows x 4.5 stitches = 1"

CO 70 stitches
knit staright rows for 17" (add stripes if you'd like)
Bind off and close one seam


Step 2 :: Cut The Foam
I used "Airtex – Regular Density Foam" 1" thick.
Purchased at Joann's.

Lay your kntting on top of the foam and cut out the shape with scissors or a knife.





Step 3 :: Slip On

Scrunch up your knitting and slip the knitting over the foam like putting a sock on your foot.






Step 4 :: Close

I crocheted my seam shut, but you could easily shut it using a yarn needled and the whip stitch.

Don't forget to weave in all your ends!




Step 5 :: Give your wrists a rest!

Ahhhhhh! Soft and squishy.


I’m alive! And stitching…

It’s been a long while, but I got the itch to knit. I have been in desperate need of a new keyboard pillow. Here is a picture of my old one. One of my weak attempts at sewing…I plan to take a class in October. And the colors work really well for my office which is now green and black. Unfortunately this pretty nice new looking pillow is now hard, lumpy and more like shades of gray now. It looks like a beat up old sock.

So, needless to say, I need a new one. My elbows are screaming for softness. I decided that knitted one would be lovely and I bought some foam to put inside it…I looked for memory foam, but appartenly Joann’s doesn’t have it…so I settled for regular density foam instead.

The knitting began this weekend…and I am very nearly done. I am making it to look like a long bear in a sweater because I saw one somewhere online (though it was all crochet) I wish I could find it again. When I am done, I am going to release the pattern! Woot! I was hoping to have it done by Tuesday, but it doesn’t look too good for this week. I may be able to release it by next week.

I am so excited to finish…and knitting again has been such a nice change of pace. I actually put a doll aside, so close to finished, to do this. I think I’ll have to do a little more knitting before it’s out of my system enough to crochet some more. But remind me that stripes in the round isn’t as much fun as straight knitting. Oy.

Maybe I’ll make a sweater for this little guy that was adopted into our family this weekend…meet Finnegan!

He’s our little 8 week old Malti-Shih-Poo!! We <3 him so much already. He’s a bundle of fun. But little Jackson is already getting a touch of the sibling rivalry…jealous little guy. He got extra hugs and kisses today.

1,000,000 HITS! will hit a big milestone this week or next…you guessed it, I’ll be hitting the big mil! 1,000,000 hits!!!
So how does a girl go about celebrating such a feat? How about a contest? What’s the prize?

How about my entire pattern collection!!

So in order to win, just comment and I’ll draw a random number on the day I hit the million, which by my calculations should be about Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Good Luck!!!

Knit Much? CONTEST!!!

For the longest time I have wanted to make some knit dolls but I can never decide what the first one should be.

I need your help!

Today is the day to come out of the woodwork and comment. I need your suggestions on what the first Roxycraft Knit Doll should be!

Comment here with your suggestion and if you win, you will get…


Including the new knit pattern!

So comment! Don’t be shy.