Etsy :: And the Winner is…

Big Poke!!!

It seemed at first that it was a tie between Big Poke and Rainbow Butie…but last minute, Big Poke took a huge lead!

So I have added two purchase slots to my etsy shop for now. The price is $40. The finished doll is large at 12″ from head to tail. It stands nearly 9″ tall…very cuddly!

There are a few color options, so check them out. If there is a different color combo you’d prefer, convo me!

Big Poke via

If you’d like to make one of your own you can purchase the pattern for $5 here.

On Etsy :: Amigurumi Hearts


Now you can purchase one of my finished dolls, made by me! Yay!

This is the first time I’ve attempted this in years, but I’m ready to try it again.

My first outing is my Amigurumi Hearts! You can get one of the 5 order slots right now over on Etsy.

Reserve yours now!

If there is another doll of mine you are interested in purchasing, let me know…I’ll take custom orders too!

Tamie O.


New Patterns coming to Roxycraft Soon

Both projects are for my little Lulu May who is due in early June!  So be expecting an influx of baby related patterns in the near future…


First in the lineup…(above) is Lulu's Lucky Love Dragon! After I properly photograph her and write up the pattern, it'll be up in the shop. This is a big snuggly doll, hovering around 14-15" tall!


Second is (above) her Baby Blanket! It's rainbow, it's ripples, it's soft and snuggly! <3 it! I almost want to keep it for myself!!! This one will be available for free as soo as it's done…which I am hoping will be sometime this weekend or early next week!

Keep an eye out!

Also, update your links and feeds…if you noticed, the url of this blog is new. I got hitched and my name, it is a-changin'!


Tamie O.

New Doll :: Fuzzy Panda

I have been experimenting with some new techniques for amigrurmi and this week I've been playing with a brushing technique involving a dog slick brush and wool yarn.

I have made three dolls involving this and the first one I'm sharing with you is my favorite so far…Fuzzy Panda.


I haven't written up the pattern yet, but I plan to do a photo tutorial on the technique soon.

I hate doing the same dolls multiple times, so I am trying to make different dolls to bring to Renegade in July. So I hope to have lots of new dolls to show you in the coming weeks.