Etsy :: And the Winner is…

Big Poke!!!

It seemed at first that it was a tie between Big Poke and Rainbow Butie…but last minute, Big Poke took a huge lead!

So I have added two purchase slots to my etsy shop for now. The price is $40. The finished doll is large at 12″ from head to tail. It stands nearly 9″ tall…very cuddly!

There are a few color options, so check them out. If there is a different color combo you’d prefer, convo me!

Big Poke via

If you’d like to make one of your own you can purchase the pattern for $5 here.

On Etsy :: Amigurumi Hearts


Now you can purchase one of my finished dolls, made by me! Yay!

This is the first time I’ve attempted this in years, but I’m ready to try it again.

My first outing is my Amigurumi Hearts! You can get one of the 5 order slots right now over on Etsy.

Reserve yours now!

If there is another doll of mine you are interested in purchasing, let me know…I’ll take custom orders too!

Tamie O.


Saying Goodbye to Old Friends…

Hey all! I know it's been forever since I've posted…

Unfortunately, the reason I am posting is to tell you that for the foreseeable future, I won't be designing new patterns.

It's been nearly a year since I last designed something and if you read my new blog Snow Business you know why…I have spent the last year focusing on my health and family and the results have been incredible for me. I just cannot see myself wanting to sit on the couch and make dolls again. Not now at least.

So for the next few days/weeks (whenever I feel like posting something) I will be cleaning out my craft show inventory and selling it on Etsy.

This will be the last time you will ever be able to get these dolls. So, if you want them, snatch em up!

First up: Monkey Man


Etsy Love :: Vinyl Decals!!

So, I have been pondering things to stick on my walls. Most of them are still pretty bare because I am super picky about what goes up. I'd rather have nothing than something I don't like.

I have been contemplating decals for a while. I have no headboard in my bedroom, good place for a decal, I have an almost empty hallways, good place for a decal.

Well, I decided to get my feet wet with one that I'll probably put up in my office or bathroom…maybe even the car.


So me, right? I typically end my emails with it, so yeah!

Bought from etsy seller TastySuite for $6.00