Salt Dough Ornaments

Saltdough Ornaments via Roxycraft

I tried it again! I had leftover dough from my first Salt dough escapades and I thought about using a monogram “O” stamp I had recently purchased at Michaels. I did that, liked the stamped look and asked Jackson to run outside and and get me some leaves.

Well, hell’s bells! Ding ding, I loved the results! I used a toothpick to make a hole for string and to write on them…and we’re away to the races again!salt dough ornaments

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Pinterest in Action :: Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornaments via Roxycraft

I have been having a heck of a time finding a nice “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament for Lulu in stores this year. I found some cute options of Etsy, but alas, money is tight and a muuuuuuch cheaper option came to me via pinterestSalt Dough Ornaments

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New Patterns coming to Roxycraft Soon

Both projects are for my little Lulu May who is due in early June!  So be expecting an influx of baby related patterns in the near future…


First in the lineup…(above) is Lulu's Lucky Love Dragon! After I properly photograph her and write up the pattern, it'll be up in the shop. This is a big snuggly doll, hovering around 14-15" tall!


Second is (above) her Baby Blanket! It's rainbow, it's ripples, it's soft and snuggly! <3 it! I almost want to keep it for myself!!! This one will be available for free as soo as it's done…which I am hoping will be sometime this weekend or early next week!

Keep an eye out!

Also, update your links and feeds…if you noticed, the url of this blog is new. I got hitched and my name, it is a-changin'!


Tamie O. got a makeover!

I’ve spent the last few weeks/months, planning and scheming, coding and re-coding, falling asleep at the computer, tediously tweaking…but now the work is done and the newer, purdier, fancier and sexier is here!


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