Giveaway :: I’m Giving my Heart Away for Valentine’s Day

Hey guys! I love Valentine’s Day! I love those colors, I love hearts, I love chocolate!

So I’m feeling the holiday spirit and I want to show some love to my customers and fans…so I’m giving my heart away! Yeah, yeah…the Hearts pattern is already a freebie, but I am giving a handmade heart! I’m making it special for you!!Amigurumi Heart Giveaway on

How to enter:
Comment on this post with your favorite part of Valentine’s Day by 12pm PST on February 7th, 2013. The winner will be announced that day picked by random generator!

So spread the word, tell your friends, share on Facebook, Pin it…spread the love!

If you don’t feel lucky, you can get a heart of your own in my Etsy Shop!

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Roxycraft is Tamie Oldridge. Wife, Mother, moderately crafty, slightly domestic, an inconsistent blogger, average recipe follower and generally mediocre human creature. Enjoys hearts, rainbows and combinations of the two...most things bright and shiny. She is sincerely glad you bothered to read her blog and even more appreciative you have read this and tolerated her writing about herself in the the third person.

18 thoughts on “Giveaway :: I’m Giving my Heart Away for Valentine’s Day

  1. Last year Vale day. My fiance was able to get to a computer and video skype with me and serenade me. Its hard being in a long distance and that made my day.

  2. Chocolate is my favorite part of ANY holiday! My favorite Valentine memory is from when my husband and I were first dating. He learned that I liked barbershop quartets and hired one to come serenade me at work. It was AWESOME :) Would LOVE to win your heart.

  3. What I love most about Valentine’s Day is the family tradition we established when we were newly-weds. We didn’t want that day to become commercial, or about doing bigger-and-better every year, or to contain pressure to be romantic.

    So we decided that, every year, we’d go out for pizza. We’d get each other a card and go out for pizza. It’s something we’ve continued doing since having kids. We just bring them with! Valentine’s pizza is the best kind.

  4. Love the colours of the hearts ! =)
    Every year on Valentine’s Day my husband and I go in a new restaurant. In the last 7 years, we have french,chinese, japanese, italian, greek, polish and spanish dinners. This year we want to go to a Mongolian restaurant. =)
    And I love the little presents I get from my friends and what I can give to them !

  5. That is so sweet of you! :) my favorite part of valentines day is watching my son open up all of his valentines that he received from his classmates at school!

  6. I’m a cake decorator. So my favorite part of Valentine’s day is sneaking out of work and eating chocolate dipped strawberries.

  7. Love your designs! My favorite part is actually being at work. I’m a massage therapist and we do couple’s massages for Valenitine’s Day. I love being a part of helping people celebrate their love.

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