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Walking Jack to school in the mornings is fun and a great way to get my exercise for the day in right away. The walk is about 1 mile for him, 2 miles for me.

The route we’ve always taken is straight down a very busy street with questionable sidewalks (a good stretch has NO sidewalks), loud traffic and spotty shade (it’s warm still).

Recently, someone reminded me that there was an alternate route…a more direct route even! Right down our street is the entrance to a recreational trail that runs along side a drainage wash.

All week I have been debating walking it. I wondered if it was safe, nice, worth it even…

Today, last second, I decided to take it.

I’ll start out by saying that the second we hit the dirt road, I knew I would love it. It was wonderful!

Jack took off immediately, found a stick and playtime began.

It was quiet, no traffic, birds chirping, even a trickle from the water running down the wash.

Who knew there was all this nature just a street over from our usual walking route. Night and day difference!!

The only people we came across were a couple of ladies walking a dog, a couple of runners and…well, birds.

The trail even ends right next to the school!! Someone planned this out…and no one uses it! Such a shame, really.

What a wonderful way to start the school day for a kid!

Even Lulu loved it, ha! Well, I’m sure it was more peaceful to sleep without the exhaust and traffic noise.

Yay nature!

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2 thoughts on “Out and About :: Exploring our Backyard

  1. The wash! I keep forgetting he is at Bradoaks and I was like why is she having such a hard time walking him? Now I remember where you are living and where the school is. Yikes!

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