30 Day Sweet-free Challenge :: Day 1

Day one is over…phew.

That got hard there at the end. It’s pretty obvious to me that I am seriously addicted to sugar y’all. That is my kind of white stuff.

There were definite times in the day when I felt the “itch” for sugar…around 2-3pm and after dinner.

Here’s the basics of what I ate (I eat fruit, so no need to point out that there is sugar in fruit)


Breakfast: English muffin with egg and bacon
Lunch: turkey sandwich with a nectarine
Dinner: shredded beef enchiladas and Spanish rice
Snacks: popcorn and a banana with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter
Drinks: black coffee and diet soda (also water)

I am holding back the snippy attitude that is boiling beneath the surface. I am sure Tim has noticed, but he’s being cool.

Hoping this gets easier. Doesn’t help that there is sugar all over the place.

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