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Just got home from a weird mid-week vacation to the lovely mountain resort town of Big Bear, CA.

My family has been taking trips to a cabin up there every year since I was around 5 year old. I haven’t been up there myself in a long time and Tim and Jack had never been there…so I really wanted to go, even if it was only for a day and night.

We left on Tuesday evening and made it up to the lake in just under 2 hours (with rush hour traffic).

We got to the cabin just before nightfall so Tim actually got to see the lake and the grounds of the cabin before it got too dark. Jack went up with my parents the day before us, so we were really excited to reunite with him.

We watched the Hunger Games with the fam, and then went to bed. I forgot how dark and quiet it gets at night in the woods. I need white noise! It was harder to sleep with all that quiet!

We had a lovely family breakfast of banana chocolate chip pancakes the next morning and Tim, Jack, Lulu and I hit the Village in Big Bear City and did some shopping and sight-seeing.


After a quick lunch back at the cabin, we headed to the nearby resort town of Lake Arrowhead for some shopping and lake views to die for!

Jack and I rode the Go-Karts at Lollipop Park, picked up fudge and saltwater taffy at the sweets store, and had dinner at Woody’s, which turned out to be the worst restaurant with the best views of the lake!


After dinner, we headed back down the hill and back home in a little over an hour and a half.

Such a lovely day was had by all and it was a welcome mid-week diversion for us!

I must say, Lake Arrowhead was gorgeous! I may need to take a day trip up there again soon. Gorgeous!

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