Wee Ones :: Jack is Back

My little boy has been visiting his Daddy up north for the last two weeks and we have missed him desperately.

He’s been the bravest boy flying up and back unaccompanied on Southwest. He has had a total blast doing it and even got to see the cockpit. I have such a fearless kid. He barely gave a backward glance when he boarded.

Now that he’s home, he has turned about and now he’s in the mountains with my parents. We will all join him and them up there tomorrow, so here I am, missing him again…but for much less time.

Next week, he starts the 2nd grade, if you can imagine! I certainly can’t. How they go from a baby to boy so fast is beyond me. No matter how much you are told how fast it all goes…you can only really know it when you watch it happen to your own.

Welcome home Jack! We love you so!


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