14 thoughts on “CRAFT Fuzzy Panda Amigurumi Crochet Along

  1. Hi,
    Love this pattern so cute.
    I have jst finished crocheting the head but it seems a little on the large side and I am not too sure why…I followed the pattern exactly and kept my tension, but it has still come out really largeits about 6 inches wide…what size did yours come out as?
    I need a little help :o (

  2. Hi Tamie,
    I love the panda doll. I would love to make it as well as the FEW I have been able to complete. Your patterns are very cute and I want to make them all, but they have more type-o’s than are worth trying to figure the pattern out!!! I have contacted you (as well as my crocheting BFF) regarding the Hippo pattern, but neither of us have received a reply from you. The muzzle portion of this pattern makes no sense. We both have tried numerous times to basically ad lib your instructions, but it never comes out correctly. Before we even think about starting another animal, we would like to be able complete the hippo. Please make it easier somehow to contact you regard problems/issues with your patterns. Your website indicates, “Patterns That Don’t Suck”, but we are beginning to think otherwise Tamie. We need your help, PLEASE!

  3. Hi,I was watching your clips to make this doll and Im just wondering where you get the doll eyes or the things that you click the joints into place and where is theRenegade Craft Fair

  4. Hello There!! I LOOOVE this panda, and am hoping to make it for my 11 month old daughter for Christmas, (her nick name is Panda Bear!. For some reason I am unable to upload the PDF pattern? Is there another link available?
    Thanks SO much for your time, and for sharing this ADORABLE pattern with us :o )

  5. This pattern is adorable and I hope to try it out as a gift soon! I’m a new-comer to amigurumi and your blog has been a real inspiration! Although I usually stick to paper (origami and the likes), my mother and I used to crochet together when I was small so I have always had a soft spot for it.
    I was recently passed an award for creative blogging that I wanted to send your way! http://umeorigami.wordpress.com/2009/12/10/kreativ-blogger-award/
    Thanks for always inspiring me!

  6. Your article is truly inspiring, I was stunned with that cute stuff you were able to create and shared with us, and your choice of color was truly adorable. Impressively inspiring.

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