Etsy Love :: Vinyl Decals!!

So, I have been pondering things to stick on my walls. Most of them are still pretty bare because I am super picky about what goes up. I'd rather have nothing than something I don't like.

I have been contemplating decals for a while. I have no headboard in my bedroom, good place for a decal, I have an almost empty hallways, good place for a decal.

Well, I decided to get my feet wet with one that I'll probably put up in my office or bathroom…maybe even the car.


So me, right? I typically end my emails with it, so yeah!

Bought from etsy seller TastySuite for $6.00

One thought on “Etsy Love :: Vinyl Decals!!

  1. I love the headboard ones! I have them on my trash and recycle bins in the kitchen so I can tell them apart and one of the hello. ones above a door. They’re pretty cute!

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