Getting Ready for Maker Faire :: New Dolls

Last week I was crocheting non-stop and made some new dolls. You've already seen my mushrooms that will be on my table. These are the dolls I made after that. Some odlies but goodies and one totally new.


Here's a kitty from my Whodunit Mish Mash collection.


Here is a hot pink version of Big Blue.


And something totally new. Unnamed and I'm not sure if you guys want the pattern for him. (comment to vote). But I <3 him and he'll be brightening up my table at Maker Faire this weekend!

This week I plan to make peices for my Demo at the CRAFT Lounge on Saturday. If you're at the show, make sure you head over to see me at 2-2:30pm!

9 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Maker Faire :: New Dolls

  1. Count me in too! This new little guy is adorable!! If you create the pattern I’ll buy it. I particularly love the white mask against the rainbow colors!

  2. i would love to see the pattern for the new guy! your patterns ROCK! :) just bought them last week and am already in love!!! keep ‘em coming!

  3. Love that cute rainbow guy! I would be interested in a pattern. Also wanted to say thanks for all the great tutorials you have been posting. I am new to amigurumi so I am very appreciative of you taking the time to show your tips and techniques!

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