What I’m up to…

This has been a crazy week! I released "i <3 mushrooms 2.0" and I started my annual "May Sale".

I've crocheted 9 mushrooms, 1 fuschia Big Blue and a new dolls that looks like Big Butie, only with arms and a face, sorta. (sneaky peeky) Still not sure if I'm going to release this pattern…But I think it's super cute and I <3 stripes!


So I decided to snap a shot of the doll shelf in my office which is positively overflowing with dolls! (cept the sock monkey was not made by me).


Tomorrow is my birthday party (even though the 24th is my actual birthday) and I get a break from crocheting for a day. But next week I'll be crocheting up stuff for my Demo at Maker Faire!! So exciting and scary!

Everyone have a great holiday weekend!!!

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