Etsy Love :: Pretty Pink Rooster Vase

My roses are blooming and I just don't have enough vases to put them in!

Today I stumbled on this one by seller onevintagelife 


Something about it made me happy…I can't wait to get it and I scored it for $7! And even though I am super broke, I decided to secretly buy it. Shhhh…don't tell my hub!


I love the laziness of thrifting on Etsy…especially when it's swine flu season* and going out shopping is low on my list.

*please know I am not serious.

3 thoughts on “Etsy Love :: Pretty Pink Rooster Vase

  1. Oh that vase is just the best! and I’m totally going to use your “swine flu season” excuse for a little online shopping this weekend! it’s kind of a perfect excuse!

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