Amigurumi Lessons :: What do you want to learn first?


I'm finally going to start doing Amigurumi tuts! Being the democratic minded girl I am, I wanted to get your opinions on what the first lesson should be!

Here's the ones I'm debating:

  1. attaching limbs

  2. tight stitching
  3. yarn weights
  4. starting ring
  5. reading patterns
  6. finding your right side

    something else (please tell me)

So leave a comment and let me know which of these your are interested in learning about! :)

12 thoughts on “Amigurumi Lessons :: What do you want to learn first?

  1. Attaching limbs so it doesnt hurt your fingers! I even use a darting needle and it still hurts!
    And finding the right side. I know which side I like better, but I don’t know if it’s the “right” side.

  2. Everything you mentioned is great. I think you should do them all…just start from the top of your list and make tut for each over a period of time.
    I am not great at attaching limbs so I will be excited to see that and all the rest!

  3. Attaching limbs. My pieces will look adorable, but buy the time I’m done stitching, it looks like something out of a horror movie. *sigh*

  4. I cannot count stitches. I always do something wrong. I can indeed count stuff like apples, eggs, parking tickets, cycles of the moon, but not crochet stitches.
    Teach me to count stitches please!

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