Thrifting :: Vases, Doilies and Jewelry…Oh, My!

We decided to sleep in today after a fun night hanging with friends…but we didn't want let the whole day be a wash out, so we decided to go thrifting! Cheap, fun and we got out of the house. All good good things.

So after lunch in the park, we headed over to Snowline Thrift here in Folsom. They had some awesome furniture on sale, but all I ended up with was this vase:


It's kind of 80's but I really liked the color and for the price…I couldn't say no. Don't my flowers look so pretty in it? My Lincoln and George Burns roses look so good against that blue vase!

Next we headed over to Sutter Street or Old Town Folsom…they have this great ice cream/candy shop…so it was a good excuse to head that way. I ended up at my favorite stop down there…the Merchantile Exchange and picked up some funky white jewelry:


and some really interesing doilies that I have super fun repurosing plans for:


Now we're home and I need to stick the meatloaf in the oven…

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