Etsy Love :: Vintage Phones

My new "hunt for" item is for my kitchen. I have a 50's house with an old school wall-mount for a phone. I have a crappy $5 phone there now and it haunts me with it ugliness and general lack of cuteness. Since we moved in, I have imagine a vintage wall-mount phone there.

On a recent trip to Universal Studios, I got to see the property room aka "The Prop Room"! I saw a shelf of every imaginable phone color. I always thought I wanted black, but now I want turquoise or yellow or ORANGE.


I am hunting on Etsy all the time to see if I can find one…I saw one today:


Don't you love it? It's yellow and adorable, but I don't know if it's a wall-mount or not. I contacted the seller to see.

The hunt continues…

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