Learn to Crochet Left-Handed :: Single Crochet

Lesson Three: Single Crochet

This is your work horse stitch! I use it 99% of the time for amigurumi. It produces a dense fabric with more stability than knitted fabric.

Now that we know how to Make a Chain, let's make a chain of 21 stitches

Single crochet 1 

Single crochet 2

Step One: Hook through 2nd Chain from Hook

Insert the tip of your hook through the 2nd chain, shown with arrow and after in picture above

Single crochet 3 

Step Two: Yarn Over Hook

Single crochet 4 

Step Three: Pull up a loop

Pull your hook to the left through your chain and you'll be left with two loops of yarn on your hook like in the above picture

Single crochet 5 

Step Four: Yarn Over Hook again

Single crochet 6

Single crochet 7

Step Five: Pull loop through

Pull your hook to the left through BOTH loops on your hook.

Single crochet 8 

Step Six: Start next Stitch

Insert your hook in the next chain stitch, shown with arrow in the picture above.

Single crochet 9 

Repeat until you have completed a single crochet in each chain. You should have 20 now!

Single crochet 10 

When you get to the end of your "row" you MUST make an extra chain stitch (see above) or your will lose a stitch on your next row.

Next, you will want to "turn" your work around and start your next row.

Single crochet 11 

Insert your hook through the top two loops of your first stitch (see above photo) and start signle crochet across.

Repeat the process until you have 20 rows. Practice this swatch over and over again until you have the hang of single crocheting in rows.

From here you can make scarves, purses, hot pads…any thing square that doesn't require increasing or decreasing.

Next lesson: Double Crochet


4 thoughts on “Learn to Crochet Left-Handed :: Single Crochet

  1. I just wanted to thank you for your crochet help! It’s so helpful to have left-handed instructions from someone who actually does it! Thanks again!

  2. I think the English and American crochet stitches are named differently …. what you call sc I know as dc and what you call dc I know as treble! I think …. oh, now I am really confused! Have you heard of this before? Anyway, your pictures were really clear and helpful as I am just starting out and hoping to crochet lots of lovely things to give as Christmas gifts. Thank you!

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