Fibertastic! Wrap-up

Fibertastic! was held on Saturday afternoon…my very FIRST show! What a great day and such a learning experience.
I shared a spot with Missy of Mohair Circus and Crafty Carnival. She’s an old pro at doing shows and I learned book-loads from her. I hope I can return the favor and teach her something cool someday.
Mohair Circus/Crafty Carnival
Thanks Missy Moo!
MIssy and Gracie B&W
The show was put on by the new Prez of the Sac Craft Mafia, Shonda of Ignition. She did a really fantastic job putting it all together and getting the word out. I heard it was even on the CBS morning show! So cool.
This was my set-up…so bad!! That’s Missy’s daughter Gracie guarding my loot.
My set-up
I am the kind of person who goes into my first time with things expecting to fail miserably…I didn’t, so that was awesome! I met some really cool new people and hopefully some new customers :)
I made some sales and walked away with some really great information about how I want to do my future shows.
So, all in all, Fibertastic! was great and a success! Woot!

4 thoughts on “Fibertastic! Wrap-up

  1. Whoot fo sho!!! I had so much fun. Just being around your happy ass is thanks enough! I’ll be bugging you tomorrow… I’m off! :) Yay!

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