Knit Much? CONTEST!!!

For the longest time I have wanted to make some knit dolls but I can never decide what the first one should be.

I need your help!

Today is the day to come out of the woodwork and comment. I need your suggestions on what the first Roxycraft Knit Doll should be!

Comment here with your suggestion and if you win, you will get…


Including the new knit pattern!

So comment! Don’t be shy.

11 thoughts on “Knit Much? CONTEST!!!

  1. A rubber-ducky! Not a normal duck – but a cute cartoon-like rubber ducky – then you could have awesome ducky variations using colour-work! PLEASE!
    Dammit, I really want a rubber ducky pattern now :)

  2. Okay, this is a bit unusual, but what about an expectant momma? You could do the preggers belly with short rows, wrap & turns, what do you think? Too complicated maybe? Then how about a flamingo?

  3. I think you should make a cute skunk or maybe possum. It would be creative to see if you could make something that is stereotypically unattractive into something that is pretty.
    if you are leaning towards knit dolls in human form, I think something form the past would “be a blast!” Maybe something Victorian or a little cowboy?

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