"Altoids Tin Wallet"

Craft Tutorial

What You’ll Need:

Everything you need is at your local craft store

  • Altoids Tin - Empty and Clean

  • Craft Felt - about $.20 a sheet

  • Mod Podge - Gloss or Matte

  • Craft Floss - I used red but you can use whatever you want

  • Scissors

  • Craft Glue of your choice- I used Super Glue the first time and it worked but ruined the felt.
    Silicone Sealer will work.

  • Spray Metal Primer

  • Spray Paint

  • Spray Varnish

  • An Image to Paste on the Front

Step One: Cut a piece of felt 3 3/4"W x 4 3/4"L and two triangles for the sides.  Mine was 3 1/2" at it widest and 1 1/2" deep

Step Two: pin the triangle in place and stitch triangle to the square (see picture) I used a blanket stitch but any stitch you want will be fine

Step Three: separate your Altoid's tin into two pieces, this will make it easier to paint.  Once separated, paint on a coat of primer and let dry according to manufacturers instructions. 

Step Four: Once the primer is dry, paint on a coat of black spray paint, let dry according to manufacturers instructions

Step Five:  Now that your paint is dry, take your Mod Podge and your image.  With a brush or sponge, brush on a thin coat of glue and place your image on top.  Then another thin coat on top of your image.

Step Six:  Then Seal with spray varnish clear gloss.

Step Seven: Reconnect your tin pieces and glue your lining inside with your choice of glue.  I don't recommend super glue. 

Step Eight: You are done.  Put your money in it and go!

What else you can make:

Line only the bottom and make a awesome gift box

Or leave the lining out and make a cigarette case

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