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Thanks for visiting Roxycraft! Thanks even more for looking into who I am and what this site is about.

I'm Tamie Oldridge, I started Roxycraft.com on St. Patrick's Day in 2003 to give myself a place to post recipes, articles, host a blog, anything but what it ended up being...a pattern shop.

I got crafty in 2001, learned to knit and crochet by 2002 and was pumping out my own patterns around 2004. In 2005, I got pregnant and that's when I discovered Amigurumi. I made my first doll and I was hooked. But there were no patterns in English at the time. So, I wrote some up!

When I put the first patterns for sale on Etsy.com in October 2005, I knew they were an instant hit! And now 6 years and 70+ patterns later and we are still going strong!

I'm adding embroidery patterns to the mix in 2012 and expanding the product line more in the days to come.

So join the mailing list, hook up with me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the rest! There is alot more fun to come!!!


Tamie O.


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